COVID-19 Protocols

The Minnesota Baseball Instructional School will be incorporating the following Covid 19 safety protocols until further notice.

1. No Camper may arrive to the camp site earlier than 5 minutes before camp is scheduled to start. Please remain in your vehicle outside the camp location until 5 minutes before your designated start time.

2. Campers are encouraged to take their temperature and do a personal health assessment prior to attending camp each week. If you are not feeling well or you have spiked a temperature please do not attend camp that week for the safety of all involved.

3. Each camp session will be limited to 5 players per hour in order to comply with social distancing recommendations

4. All MBIS equipment used for each camp session (i.e. bats, balls gloves, etc.) will be sanitized prior to and after each camp sessions.

5. All MBIS Staff members will wear a face covering throughout the duration of each camp sessions. Campers are not required to wear a face covering, but are encouraged to do so if they are comfortable.

6. Hand Sanitizer will be available for each camp session.

7. All campers need to provide their own equipment and will not be able to share equipment with other campers. (Note: MBIS will provide sanitized baseballs for each session).