University of Minnesota - Baseball

Siebert Field

On April 2, 2013, Golden Gopher Baseball started a new chapter in its rich history. A grand opening was held for the newly constructed Siebert Field with the first game set that same week for April 5 against Ohio State. New Siebert Field, which was built on the existing field, broke ground on June 18, 2012. A $7.2 million project raised primarily by donations, completed field work on Sept. 30, while the full project was completed by Dec. 28. Only 291 calendar days elapsed from the groundbreaking to the home opener. A sign of the times as the previous Siebert Field had natural grass, new Siebert has Mondo Sports Turf throughout the entire field, with the exception of clay at the mound and home plate. Seating 1,420, the facility also has three berm seating areas with two along both dugouts and another beyond the left field wall.

Glen Perkins Family Baseball Performance Center

The Glen Perkins Family Baseball Performance Center is an indoor training space built onto the existing structure of Siebert Field. With three large doors facing the field's concourse, the facility can be open during the warmer months, but closed to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the winter.

George R. Gibson/Bronko Nagurski Practice Facility

The Gibson-Nagurski Indoor Practice Facility is home to multiple Golden Gopher athletic teams. Named in honor of Gopher greats George Gibson and Bronko Nagurski, the complex is a state-of-the-art facility. Campers will have the use of a 100 yard turfed indoor football field in this facility which will provide plenty of space and a great learning environment